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Timeline Stories

Monitor Report April 25, 2020 by Diane Wilson

Example San Antonio Bay Estuary Waterkeeper Report 10:54 am…boat ramp at Cox Creek, south of bridge at Highway 35, west bank— Video (Exhibit 1) of pellets embedded in soil and underneath the caliche at boat launch at Cox Creek. (N 28 41’18.600 W 96 31’ 43.320) NE wind. 20mph. No..Read More

60 day notice to sue Formosa

Legal notice of the Clean Water Act Lawsuit against Formosa Plastics in filed in April 2017

Green Lake Park receives $10 million from Clean Water Act lawsuit

Up until 2019, the county struggled to find funding for the project. In 2019, environmental activist Diane Wilson and San Antonio Bay Water Keeper allocated $10 million to the Green Lake project in a Clean Water Act lawsuit settlement with Formosa Plastics.